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I am seeking my dream clients?

Are you looking for encouragement to get to the next growth stage of your life? Are you motivated, ready for change, yet feeling a tad stuck- maybe you have cleverly been able to recognise some cycles? Need some assistance? An ear that listens? Would you like to try a coaching session, and learn what I used to overcome a difficult past and turn it into a beautiful purpose? It is often as simple as make the unconscious conscious. I am naturally positive and create a secure, non-judgemental space for you to unpack whatever needs a quick look at. I use frequency healing; it make the process much faster and helps things stick at a cellular level. I have LOTS of success stories and have recently made this my FULL-TIME!

BOOK NOW beautiful hue– man – here’s the link. Fill in the contact form so that I have your details when we first meet- it will save us all the formalities.


Let’s work on some strategies to get you kicked into next gear. Sometimes all it takes is a swing shift perspective and I love nothing more than to identify a pattern and implement some practical exercises for growth mindset.

My mantra “Everytime you see me I will be doing better than I was before. It’s ME vs ME!”

Best news yet is you can swap,trade,share for this service. Not everyone has cash…so think about that. What could you share with our eKa Circle community?

Here is my donate button for investing in paying things forward -should you prefer the old fashioned way (suggested amount is $99 per hour) give whatever you are prompted though.

I am so looking forward to seeing what amazing things you co-create in the ripple effect. We need you!

You intuitively already have your own answers.

eKa Circle

Here are a few testimonials.

There are some more on my insta account.

“eKa Circle has been a safe space for me to find support to process and work through the “hard stuff” without fear of judgement. The mentorship I received encouraged me to grow in new and exciting ways and more than that, helped to give me the confidence to take what I had been learning and use it to help others.” Ang

“Michelle’s spiritual knowledge, deep understanding of the pitfalls of life and unwavering support have been instrumental in me building the strength of character I needed on the path to a happy, healthy, righteous lifestyle. An amazing life coach and woman.” Jeff

“I’m so thankful for the healing and breakthrough session I had with Michelle. She truly is a God-send in helping me heal from past trauma and propel me forward to live an intentional and fulfilling life the way God intended us to live. I am ever so grateful for her wonderful work that continues through her live meditations, blog, sound healing etc on her platform eKa Circle. I have also recommended her to family and friends who all are impressed and love her heart felt genuine work” Alice

“Working with Michelle from eKa circle has taught me how to work on my shadow self and heal from trauma I didn’t see. Michelle provides a safe environment and makes you feel comfortable to be yourself with her quirky personality and warm nature. Highly recommend this experience, you will thrive. Boom Shaka!” Dani

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