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Our Belief System


  • We believe what we create must benefit humanity and the environment. We actively seek health and wellbeing. Of Self. Of others. Of Earth.


  • Sharing precious cultural and indigenous knowledge in a loving, unified community will benefit all.


  • Home made, natural products are our goal. eKa takes things ‘back to basics’ and desires to activate others to do the same thing.


  • ย eKa embraces all differences and asks that you enter the circle with love, acceptance and unity.


  • We believe health and wellbeing should be available to all therefore affordability is important. There are no hidden costs for co-creators to sell or their items on our platform, there are no expectations other than abiding by our community philosophy. eKa CIRCLE welcomes sponsorships to cover platform running expenses.


  • All products created, sold and swapped strive to be natural and organic where possible. Fresh and foraged ingredients are enthusiastically encouraged. We intentionally choose to avoid petrochemicals, preservatives and unnecessary additives. If this means that the products arenโ€™t as stable or donโ€™t last as long, we are content with that. There is beauty in imperfection. Co-creators are welcome to make to order as long as they communicate that with the buyer.


  • Packaging and postage should avoid plastics as much as possible and reduce unnecessary waste. We choose to use environmentally friendly and sustainable products for the greater good. We encourage sellers to offer a pick up option to avoid delivery fees where possible.


  • ย It is essential to leave negativity, control and manipulation outside of the eKa co-create circle. Unity is our goal.


If you think you like the sound of our CO-CREATE CIRCLE, ask us about how you can start to share your special talents with us.



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