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Afternoon eKa CIRCLE

This afternoon I tried my hand at making some orange rosemary bath salts. The idea bounced after I made some fruit and vegetable juice for our breakfast. I was looking at the orange rind sliced from 3 or 4 oranges and it smelled so great that I decided to pop them in the dehydrator for a few hours and see what I might be able to use them for!  I’ve been experimenting with bath salts to assist with light activation for a while now. You can find another recipe on this blog for one that I scent with frankincense oil.

After about 4 hours the orange rind was nice and dry. You can probably dry them out on a tray in the oven too if you are able to set at a very low temperature, the rind should be dry but not coloured. Then I blitzed the orange rind to a powder in my vitamix (any high powered blender will do). I stored the remainder of the orange rind powder in a glass jar to use for other projects. See the recipe below for this lovely addition to your bathroom.

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