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Hey friends of eKa Circle,

So you are moving daily now, how did that feel, any sore muscles, any resistance mentally? Have you influenced any other family members to join you??? Know that as your muscle mass builds your metabolism is increasing. This does not happen with cardio exercise that is a different energy output. You have also activated your body to start shifting out toxins. 🚀 🚀  🚀 Have you connected & shared your wins & your struggles in the eka circle sanctuary group as a testimonial for others?

Week 3 we will look at sustenance. You won’t see results in training without shifting your food. Energy IN – energy OUT. Let’s start with clearing out any fast foods & prepackaged food from your environment so that you don’t get tempted to relapse. Not all energy is equal as food that isn’t natural will assist the trapping of the toxins in our system. If you share the pantry & fridge with a family that aren’t on this same journey I suggest a mental boundary. Something like having your own shelf in both the fridge & the pantry.

I am suggesting a reset first with a fast as this is what will kick start the body to know that you are SERIOUS. Fasting raises your vibration & expands your consciousness. All ancients practised it as a natural part of their cultural & spiritual practise. If you haven’t fasted before please be open to it; you will feel amazing after the cleanse and it will reveal any lower based emotions that may be hidden. The course module offers you  a few options for ways to fast should a full blown fast trigger you. Commit to trying what you feel intuitively guided to do. Then try to add this as a clearing principle into your NEW YOU lifestyle. Whenever I feel stuck, sluggish or sad I attempt a fast to clear the energies. 💃🏽

Please replay the course daily for the next 7 days & jot down all emotions that come up as you are eating this week. Observe patterns. Eat mindfully- set the table, turn the tv off, give yourself time to eat as digestion can’t be rushed. Stall 30 minutes before you eat seconds as there is a delay between brain to belly. If you need any snacks load up on fresh fruit, seeds & nuts. Don’t worry about calories, eat raw natural snacks. Know that it is impossible to overeat- a magnificent law of nature by design when eaten in natures packages. Lie flat for 20 minutes after your meal & switch the mind off. These simple methods will really energise you & allow your body to gain the nutrition it needs. See links below for an eKa Circle juicing ebook & an eka Circle recipe book just for some fresh ideas. The recipes are vegetarian- if you are vegan adapt them accordingly by adding your choice of protein in natural choices like nuts and seeds. If you eat meat &/or fish add clean organic cooked proteins. Avoid any deep fried chicken or fish that aren’t home cooked.

Plan, plan, plan your food so that it becomes second nature as a lifestyle shift. When we are tired, emotional or busy we often compromise our food choices. So just as you popped your exercise gear out the night before to keep you moving. Prep ahead with a shopping list & food prep for the day ahead. A meal plan with ideas is also below just to inspire you. Make your own & be creative. Variety in nutrition is everything. This is the perfect time to try new things- we are building new habits, new tastebuds & new cells. 🚀 🚀  🚀 This eating program isn’t just for the next 7 weeks, I would hope this really sticks! You are what you eat & natural foods are grown with love energy. Enjoy the process & reciprocate the love & the vibrations will match. Then you will see a swift change in how you feel & how you look. It’s magic! Natural foods are the building blocks to being the best version of YOU!


Here is your third week’s program. https://youtu.be/S3EwgtImHQQ

We will touch base wednesday mornings (AEST) at 8am in the eKa Circle Sanctuary fb group. Add it to your calendar & get excited to share your unique journey. You will most certainly encourage another to shift with YOUR authentic journey; isn’t that exciting?

Here are your ebooks & food planner for some suggestions

Juicing ebook https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yIFZw_xbDSYFx4UR0rCXAyvV_qs3mnjO/view?usp=sharing

Recipe ebook https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dCLApLAp2ywmwxx-FeWanUj-LMATgE9L/view?usp=sharing

Meal Plan https://drive.google.com/file/d/16XitaNbD2KWoTUp4nqnmHaFtP8bVJZhp/view?usp=sharing

There are lots more recipes and ideas on the eka circle website below. Enjoy weaving love into your food.



eKa Circle Sanctuary FB Group

Michelle Noerianto XOX