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Soul Purpose

What is your SOUL Purpose,

You may have asked the question “why was I born?” This deep searching & yearning for the why is actually what starts on our spiritual journey. The magnificence of your differences are there to be embraced & empower you to do something that is only YOURS to do. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 This week we are diving into the juicy goodness of following the soul, or the inner voice.

Week 8 is designed to rediscover your joy, the most incredible co-creational GIFT that not only lights you up, it is guaranteed to light up your environment. Relearning language & our inner beliefs that hold us back from joy are integral to embracing our Heavenly authenticity.💃🏽

Please replay the course daily for the next 7 days & jot down what comes up intuitively. I have included a meditation to assist you with your “soul discovery” accessing light codes shared to your vibrational field. We are going to QUANTUM LEAP using source energy & start working from the collective field as a community! Keep your movement & clean eating going for the whole length of the program. The goal is a lifestyle change to prepare your temple body the right vibrational shift to hold all of the NEW that will be pouring IN!

Please continue to journal your feelings in all of this.  Measure yourself weekly without any judgement. Set the goal & SURRENDER the outcome. 🚀 🚀  🚀


Here is your eighth week’s program. https://youtu.be/AV0EveY2cY8


We will touch base Wednesday mornings (AEST) at 8am in the eKa Circle Sanctuary fb group. Add it to your calendar & get fired up to share your unique journey. You will most certainly encourage others to shift with YOUR authentic journey; isn’t that exciting?

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