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Self Soothing

Welcome back friends of eKa Circle,

How did you go in your third week shifting what you are eating? When we consume LIVING food we feel alive, it is a different vibration?Β  πŸš€ πŸš€Β  πŸš€Β  When we send our LOVE into the LIVING food it lifts it to the next dimension! The intertwining of energies cannot be manufactured this powerfully.

Have you connected & shared your wins & your struggles in the group as a testimonial for others?

Week 4 itΒ  is so important to understand & implement management of your own powerful energies.Β  All of these somatic self soothing practices are simple , free & easy to practise daily. πŸ’ƒπŸ½

Please replay the course daily for the next 7 days & jot down what comes up intuitively. I have included a meditation to assist you with planting “seeds” & accessing light codes shared to your vibrational field. We are going to QUANTUM LEAP using source energy & start working from the collective field as a community!

Please continue to journal your feelings in all of this.Β  Measure yourself weekly without any judgement. Set the goal & SURRENDER the outcome. πŸš€ πŸš€Β Β πŸš€


Here is your fourth week’s program. https://youtu.be/9N_wpseCQ9I


We will touch base Wednesday mornings (AEST) at 8am in the eKa Circle Sanctuary group. Add it to your calendar & get fired up to share your unique journey. You will most certainly encourage others to shift with YOUR authentic journey; isn’t that exciting?

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