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Love the skin you’re in

How are you feeling this week amazing humans,

Week 5 we have begun to tap into your supernatural gift of feeling energies. Once you learn to manage your feelings & energy you are much better equipped to create a calm mindset regardless of external experiences. Continue to practise this to amplify the ability. 🚀 🚀  🚀 A shout out to those that are putting in the work every single day. I appreciate your commitment & have loved hearing about your individual experiences. Have you connected & shared your wins & your struggles in the group as a testimonial for others?

This week we are discussing love for the skin you are in & some simple conscious lifestyle changes that can be implemented to assist your skin to be operating at its highest vibration.

Please replay the course daily for the next 7 days & jot down what comes up intuitively. I have included a meditation to assist you with planting “seeds” & accessing light codes shared to your vibrational field. We are going to QUANTUM LEAP using source energy & start working from the collective field as a community!

Please continue to journal your feelings in all of this.  Measure yourself weekly without any judgement. Set the goal & SURRENDER the outcome. 🚀 🚀  🚀 Share any natural skin care recipes that you are creating in the group.


Here is your sixth week’s program. https://youtu.be/GoUCUjgcVI0

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We will touch base Wednesday mornings (AEST) at 8am in the eKa Circle Sanctuary fb group. Add it to your calendar & get fired up to share your unique journey. You will most certainly encourage others to shift with YOUR authentic journey; isn’t that exciting?

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