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Michelle and friends of eKa circle dream of a better world. One that shares natural knowledge to benefit health and wellbeing.

Let’s shift the focus onto others. eKa circle exists to encourage us all to be involved in the education, creative outlet and production of home made natural products to benefit our communities. What better time than now to care for each other and for our beautiful planet?

Each culture holds a myriad of wisdom and healing cultural practises that are easily lost in modern day maelstrom. eKa was birthed to unite like minds and offer a community circle to co-create, swap, sell and educate others for the benefit of all. eKa seeks like minds to align for the better good.

Michelle works with frequency healing using sound healing, hands on energy work, anointings, eft tapping and conscious coaching. She loves to empower others to step into their giftings.

Our goal is to have a trade and support platform that allows the exchange of approved goods and services within the eKa community.

The mission is to protect the myriad wisdom and healing cultural practices that can be utterly lost in the modern maelstrom. Michelle has birthed eKa as a united and boundless community circle unifying each unique culture to co-create something altogether new in an expansive creative cycle. A community aligned with the common goal of healing. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Lets collaborate.


“We believe that if we all share our cultural knowledge that together we will find restored wellness for each other, for the land and waterways.” eKa circle


In alignment with the eKa ethos, all products are home made using fresh natural and organic (where possible) ingredients – no petroleum – no chemicals – no big business.

Workshops and programs can be privately booked or tailor designed for sound healing or how to make natural products easily. Please email to discuss your ideas.

“Affordability is key for us. The aspiration is that holistic wellness products and the sharing of invaluable ancient knowledge can be accessible to everyone.”

Heal self, Heal earth.

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