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Michelle Noerianto
Intuitive Energy Healings, Sound Healer, Reiki, EFT Tapping, Clairaudient, Consciousness Coach, Motivational Speaker excited to witness your growth.

Michelle, business owner of eKa Circle, dreams of a better world. One that shares holistic ancient knowledge to benefit your health and wellbeing. Michelle’s personal testimony of overcoming trauma and abuse has inspired her to assist others with their energy field, epigentics, ancestral and subconscious mindset in order to find their new. Her client success stories are many. She has also over 30 years experience working within the media as a creative for major publishers, magazines & television which comes in handy.

eKa was born as a fulltime quantum leap to unite like minds and offer a community circle to co-create, swap, sell and educate others for the benefit of all. Michelle & Kristen Wilson have united to operate as “The Healing Room” – now happily planted at Freshwater Centre full time.

Michelle works with 432hz sound frequency incorporating hands on energy work, anointings, eft tapping and conscious coaching. She loves to empower others to step into their giftings and manifest an abundant life. Michelle is also available for meditations, events, workshops and public speaking.

The mission is to protect the myriad wisdom and healing cultural practices that can be utterly lost in the modern maelstrom. Michelle sees eKa Circle as a united and boundless community circle unifying each unique culture to co-create something altogether new in an expansive creative cycle. A community aligned with the common goal of healing.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Let’s collaborate. Heal Self + Heal Earth.

Much love





“Affordability is key for us. The aspiration is that holistic wellness products and the sharing of invaluable ancient knowledge can be accessible to everyone.”


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